7: Riding in Doughnut Kit with special guest Rhys Niesen

Rhys Niesen joins the show to discuss “Try Cross with NYCROSS: Women’s Devo Clinic” for the upcoming season. Somehow doughnuts were a recurring topic as well.

Find Rhys’ work on Instagram: @rhysniesen

6: Fiber Contact Time with special guest Tim Payne

Eric and Mark are joined by Tim Payne, promoter of the Wicked Creepy Cyclocross race (part of the NYCROSS series) to discuss what drives someone to promote a race.

Find Tim on Instagram: @tim_payne_

5: He has 642.78 points with special guest Colin Reuter

Eric and Mark are joined by “Results Boy” Colin Reuter to discuss Eric’s horrendously high CrossResults points, among other topics involving grassroots cycling.

CrossResults FAQ explaining the scoring method

Find Colin on: