4: Don’t run a 10k with special guest Shylah Weber

Eric and Mark are joined by NYCROSS Directeur Sportif Shylah Weber to discuss grassroots cycling from a woman’s point of view.

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3: That’s an Equipment Choice with special guest Dan Chabanov

Eric and Mark are joined by Dan Chabanov to discuss the definition of a Pro Cyclocross Racer

Hear Adam Myerson tell his story:


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danchabanov/

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2: America’s Not Ready with special guest Nathaniel Ward

Nathaniel Ward joins Eric, Scott, and Mark to discuss the state of cycling in America.

Legendary Joe Bena ‘believed in everyone he touched’

That time Donald Trump started a bike race in Albany
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1: It wasn’t Hemingway with special guest Scott Birdsey

Eric talks with Scott Birdsey about life and cycling.





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